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Kenyan-Flag Kenya legalizes Poligamy
Kenya's parliament has passed a bill allowing men to marry as many women as they want, prompting a furious backlash from female lawmakers who stormed out.
Salvakiir_02 South Sudanese Government lost control of the town of Malakal to rebels
JUBA- South Sudan – government military spokesperson said mid week that it had lost contact with its troops in the key oil hub of Malakal following a major offensive by rebels. The rebels have said they now control the north-eastern …
Gumbura-Jail-250 A Pastor in Zimbabwe sentenced to 50 years for rape
A Zimbabwean pastor was jailed on Monday for 50 years for raping four female congregants and threatening to cast evil spells on them if they exposed him.
somaliland-flag Blessing in disguise that Somaliland did not get Aid money – Energy Minister
Somaliland; former British protectorate which declared independence from Somalia in 1991 cannot access foreign aid because it has not yet been recognized internationally, but that suits it fine
EU-logo EU injects US$ 1.44 million to South Sudan mediation
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia- The European Union (EU) using its African Peace Facility Early Response Mechanism (ERM) has agreed to provide financial support to the mediation process in South Sudan facilitated by IGAD. The € 1.1 Million (US$ 1.44 Million) earmarked …
  • The whole fragile equilibrium hinges on the rebels practically giving up . It would be enough for them to find a foreign sponsor , public or private , or to mobilize enough cash to buy ammunition and fuel on the open market , to suddenly upset the whole thing…